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New propagation system is proven to prevent root girdling

Evidence-based RootSmartTM innovation delivers better roots, better trees and better profits

RootSmartTM is an evidence-based propagation system that
promotes an ideal root structure by preventing root girdling at
the propagation stage.

Root girdling is a well-known and costly problem in the horticulture industry. Research has shown that it starts during propagation and can’t be reversed as a tree matures. Over time, roots circle each other and the trunk, choking and killing the tree.
RootSmartTM prevents girdling in the first stages of root growth – when it counts. Developed in partnership between Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and A.M.A., RootSmartTM provides growers with a proven solution to improve propagation practices.
“Root girdling is a real problem, and growers are starting to see an increased focus on examining root structures in the buying process. We were determined to find a solution that would help growers become better stewards of their products,” said Rick Bradt, Co-owner and Managing Director of A.M.A. “RootSmartTM is the game-changer our industry has been waiting for, and we are proud to bring it to market in partnership with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.”
As a wall-less, bottomless tray, RootSmartTM is uniquely designed to encourage lateral root growth without obstruction from growing media. As the roots come into contact with the air outside of the tray, they naturally prune themselves, allowing continued growth in a healthy, lateral direction. By ensuring better quality roots, RootSmartTM delivers significant benefits for fruit, nut, and ornamental tree growers that result in better products for end consumers:
• Reduced mortality rate
• Increased transplant success
• Improved crop uniformity
• Shorter crop cycles
• Reduced culls
• Reduced labour costs
• Healthier, more beautiful trees
“RootSmartTM was co-designed with growers, for growers,” said Dr. Darby McGrath, Research Scientist at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. “After five years consulting with industry leaders and studying the effects of existing propagation trays, we designed a product that solves the problem of root girdling using proven science. We are thrilled to see it come to life with support and leadership from the A.M.A. team.”
A.M.A. holds the exclusive production and marketing licence to RootSmart™, and is now available to growers across North America. Learn more at www.rootsmart.com
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