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40th Anniversary Team Garden Party

This year A.M.A. turned 40, and what better way to kick off our anniversary than with a festive garden party to celebrate our incredible, talented and hard-working team. After all, a company is only as good as its people. And after four decades, we can safely say our people aren’t just good. They’re great.

On May 10th, the A.M.A. team put down pens, pick-lists and Ellepots to gather outdoors for a garden party luncheon. Under a balloon-filled festival tent, the team shared memories about where A.M.A. has been and what we have accomplished. Connie Bradt, managing director, reflected that the little company, which started out in a garage in downtown Kingsville, now spans multiple buildings on Spinks Drive with a team of over thirty people at peak season.

“Our people are our success. We wouldn’t be here without them!” said Connie. “Family has always been so important to A.M.A. and our team is family. We’re just so grateful for all that they do.”

Also in attendance was Shannon LaHay, new CEO of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, who thanked the A.M.A. team for its steadfast commitment to helping Canadians living with brain tumours through the sale of Al’s Flower Pouch and other activities, including sponsorship of and participation in the annual #BrainTumourWalk. The foundation, which also turns 40 this year, has received more than $150,000 from A.M.A. since 2003. At the event, Connie and Rick Bradt surprised Shannon with another cheque of $10,000 to continue building the momentum.

A.M.A.’s Connie Bradt presents Shannon LaHay with a cheque in support of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Combining A.M.A.’s anniversary theme of “Always Learning, Always Growing” with the Year of the Garden, the garden party was a good opportunity for A.M.A. team members to learn how to plant an Al’s Flower Pouch of their own. Amanda Wolfe led the charge, demonstrating how to fill the pouches with soil, insert plants and add a Thirst Quencher watering spout.

A.M.A.’s Amanda Wolfe teaching the team how to fill and plant an Al’s Flower Pouch

With a variety of herbs and strawberry plants to choose from, the team got creative. Some even planted up “Strawberry Mojito” pouches with strawberries and mint. Perfect start to the summer season! Learn how to make your own here.

The team took turns planting and playing lawn games, including bean bag toss, while enjoying a slice of cake. It was a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate all that we have accomplished together – and what’s to come!

Thanks to Raymont’s Berry Farm for the strawberry plants, and H&A Farms for the botanicals. Thanks also to Deanna Bertrand of the Southpoint Sun for joining us and covering our event for the paper.

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