Meet Our New Warehouse Supervisor -  John Sebele Joins A.M.A.
January 16, 2018 - Kingsville, ON - We are very happy to have John Sebele joining us as Warehouse Supervisor. John brings years of logistics experience in the greenhouse flower & produce industries. He'll be handling logistics and premises here at A.M.A.
We ship across Canada & the USA and John will help get it to you on time. Logistics plays a critical role here. Getting it right is important. Al's Flower Pouch is shipped to several countries around the world. We're known for some unique products that we import from Europe & the USA that can help keep your business a step ahead or running more profitably. Visit us at www.amaplas.com and follow us @amaplas on Twitter. You can reach John in our office at 519-322-1397 or 800-338-1136 or jsebele@amaplas.com. Follow us: