Norcal Tradeshow - RootSmart™ Will Be There -  Go West!

A.M.A. is pleased to be returning to the Norcal Trade Show on February 15th, in San Mateo, CA.  We’re   especially excited, because we’re bringing something completely new to the show.

RootSmart™ is a proven solution for root girdling –  a well-known problem in our industry fruit, nut and ornamental trees. RootSmart™ is an innovative, wall-less, bottomless propagation system that promotes an ideal root structure by preventing root girdling at the propagation stage, when it really counts. 

RootSmart™ was developed in partnership with Vineland Research & Innovation Centre as a result of 4 years of research.  It works.  Grower interest has been tremendous.  So has the interest from municipal parks & forestry departments.  Everybody gets it.

We’ll be happy to talk about Ellepots by A.M.A. for your other crops too.  Ellepots are proven performers for your cutting, seed and tissue culture propagation – bedding plants, herbs, cannabis, perennials, field vegetables, greenhouse fruits and vegetables, succulents, cut flowers, tropicals, shrubs – you name it.

Jim Snyder and I will be at the show. Drop by our booth (#236).

See you in San Mateo!