Floriculture Research Alliance - Annual Meeting 2018 -  Create and disseminate new knowledge

A.M.A. is a supporting member of the Floriculture Research Alliance. You can learn about the work that this group of university researchers does here: www.floriculturealliance.org.

We've learned so much through this group of professors and their PhD and Masters candidates as well as through the other member growers and suppliers. The specialty of this organization has been propagation, but we also look at production issues and now we're looking at hydroponics, an area where A.M.A. has been able to provide some additional expertise.  It was through FRA that we became absolutely certain that we have the right track with Ellepots by A.M.A.

We're always learning and looking forward to the meeting in Minneapolis, MN Oct 17 - 17.

Are you a professional grower wanting to develop your knowledge through research? Contact one of the FRA lead researchers listed here: http://floriculturealliance.org/contact.asp