12" Trench Tek Deko Pan
12" Trench Tek Deko Pan
12" Trench Tek Deko Pan

Trench-Tek 12" Deko Pan

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The Trench Tek 12" Deko Pan features the innovative Trench Tek base design. The Trench Tek bottom protects roots, and allows more time between watering. The Deko Pan is commonly used for herb bowls, succulent pans, and pansies. 4 strand clip hangers can be attached for growers who need to maximize growing space, or are running a Pansy hanging basket program. What is Trench Tek? It is an innovative base design that tackles grower’s concerns through trench technology.
  • Stock colours – Black, ginger, clay and green
  • Volume: 1.56 gal/5.9L
  • Excellent drainage = healthy roots
  • Longer time between waterings
  • Eliminate watering disc
  • Plants grow faster
  • Conserve water
  • Save time