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A.M.A. + Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

“We started working with A.M.A. about ten years ago on mutual interests in urban tree establishment,” says Dr. Darby McGrath, Vice President of Research and Development at Vineland Research & Innovation Centre. “With that, we actually developed a propagation tray to support urban trees by developing better root architecture.”

In this video, Darby shares what’s behind the passion for science at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and ongoing collaboration with A.M.A. Horticulture, including our work bring the innovative, evidence-based RootSmartTM propagation tray to market.

RootSmart™ is an open-walled propagation tray that promotes healthy root development and prevents root defects during propagation. With minimal plastic and maximum air flow, liners benefit from optimal root air pruning. It was invented for growers, with grower input, by scientists at Vineland Research & Innovation Centre and commercialized by A.M.A.

A.M.A. and Vineland continue their collaborations through the Greening the Landscape Research Consortium and their shared vision of seeing more and healthier trees, everywhere!

“Healthy trees are vital for healthy urban environments and it all starts with our industry,” says Rick Bradt, co-managing director of A.M.A.

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