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A.M.A. wears #HatsForHope in support of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Today is Brain Cancer Awareness Day in Canada, a day that means a lot to the team at A.M.A.

Every day in Canada, 27 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour, 8 people learn they have brain cancer, and 19 people learn they have a non-malignant brain tumour, like our Managing Director Rick Bradt did in 2000.

To support the many Canadian families affected by brain tumours, A.M.A. is donning #HatsForHope, a nation-wide campaign led by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada that provides hope for those affected through support and research. Ultimately, it’s about hope for a cure. 

Supporting BTFC with Al’s Flower Pouch

After receiving the diagnosis, A.M.A.’s managing directors, Rick and Connie Bradt, turned to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (BTFC) as their trusted information source. Today, thankfully, Rick is living brain tumour-free. As a way of giving back, Rick and Connie harnessed the Al’s Flower Pouch to spread awareness of BTFC’s resources and support for Canadian families, and their push for research and a Canadian Brain Tumour Registry.

Every Al’s Flower Pouch is stamped with the BTFC logo and contact information, and every Canadian sale of Al’s Flower Pouch supports the work of BTFC. To date, A.M.A. has donated nearly $100K to BTFC and you can learn more about this partnership here.

Each year, A.M.A. also participates in the Brain Tumour Walk, that takes place across Canada and beyond. Results from the 2019 Brain Tumour Walk can be seen in the video below.

We wish to thank all those who supported BTFC through the 2019 Brain Tumour Walk, and through the sale of Al’s Flower Pouch. 

Participate in #HatsForHope

Support the #HatsForHope campaign this week until November 2nd by wearing a hat, taking a selfie or group photo, and sharing it on social using #HatsForHope and tagging @braintumourfdn. Learn more about #HatsForHope and help raise funds for BTFC by purchasing their Roots-brand #HatsForHope toques at