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A.M.A. + George Sant & Sons Greenhouses

For more than 20 years, A.M.A. has been working closely with George Sant & Sons Greenhouses (Sants), one of Canada’s largest suppliers of plugs and cuttings for the annuals market. We have been inspired by their approach to quality, aligned with their sense of innovation, and motivated by their commitment to always push frontiers forward.

George Sant and Sons Greenhouses Ellepots by A.M.A.

“Innovation means adventure”

Founded in 1947 by George Sant, the four-generation family farm has continued to blossom along with its product – and they aren’t done growing. With George’s sons Dan, Rick and Ron at the helm, and grandsons Mark and Eric coming into the business, the momentum of the Sants team is palpable. They don’t shy away from change but embrace it with open arms. The team has taken steps to improve efficiency through new technology, including automating much of their production.

“To us, innovation means adventure!” says Mark Sant. “We’re focused on finding newer and more exciting ways to be unique and to stand out, to stay competitive, and to always improve upon our operations and our product.”

George Sant and Sons and A.M.A. Ellepots propagation

A shared commitment to quality

This fearlessness has helped Sants become a North American icon. As Ball’s main grower for Eastern Canada, they have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality product that’s always in line with the trends buyers are looking for. Sants makes it a priority to develop new varieties and niche products previously exclusive to European markets, an approach that A.M.A. shares. It’s this commitment to quality that makes Sants stand out in North America.

“We strive very hard to cater to independent growers and garden centres rather than to the big box conglomerates,” says Ron Sant. “These are the types of operations that respect quality to the same level that we work to produce.”

Staying in sync

The A.M.A. team works alongside Sants to deliver solutions that help ensure quality, including Ellepots by A.M.A., propagation trays and other products. Over the years, we have come to know their business and understand what they need to succeed.

“What stands out to us with A.M.A. is the excellent customer service,” says Mark. “The team is always on top of orders, they’re reliable, and there is never a hassle. We can count on consistency and quality in their product, and the product lines themselves are very in sync with our production.”

Ensuring adaptability

Operations at George Sant & Sons occupy eight acres of covered, heated greenhouses on eighty-five acres of property in Kleinburg, Ontario. Their evaluation of individual varieties is an on-going process from cutting stage through to stick plants and trial gardens. Each year, they host a Grower Day to gain feedback from their community and learn what’s up and coming. So how can suppliers like A.M.A. help support Sants in cultivating the future of horticulture?

“We believe suppliers can help support innovation with adaptability,” says Ron. “It’s important that suppliers always stay on top of this rapidly changing industry and meet the needs of growers who are always moving forward to the next big idea.”

Hear more from the George Sant & Sons Greenhouses about our partnership in the video below, and visit their website here.

George Sant and Sons Greenhouses Testimonial Video

From all of us at A.M.A., thank you to the Sants team for sharing this story and for your ongoing business.