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Solution Spotlight: Bella Planter with Tomato Cage

Take your tomatoes to new heights with the Bella Planter. Fitted with a matching snap-in tomato cage, they’re the perfect solution container gardens. Now available in Royal Purple and Apple Red, these bold containers will brighten up any back deck or balcony. Also available in sleek black.

Key Features

  • 12″ round Bella planter
  • Promotes upward growth of tomato crops by maximizing soil space and preventing rot
  • 17.8″ cage simply snaps into the rim
  • Total height of 26.5”
  • 25/case

Container Gardening

COVID-19 lockdowns have cultivated interest in horticulture and gardening. The much-loved trend of container gardening means that you don’t need a whole back yard to enjoy garden-fresh tomatoes.

“Niche containers like the Bella planter encourage small-space gardeners to try all kinds of varieties, from tomatoes to beans to berries and more,” says Janan Alles, Manager, Growing Containers, Soils and Equipment. “People are looking for fresh, modern containers that can double as decoration, tying together indoor and outdoor spaces. These containers are a great way for growers to expand their containerized produce offering.”

Interested in adding Bella Planters with Snap-In Tomato Cage or other containers to your program? Contact A.M.A.’s Janan Alles today.