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Grow your berry business

A.M.A. Horticulture is North America’s trusted source for berry solutions and expertise. We offer commercial growers a wide variety of high-quality substrates, containers and other solutions for berries that are tailor-made to meet their needs. Interested in going greener? We have sustainable options, too. We’re your partner for growing your berry business.

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  • Grow your berry business
  • grow your berry business amahort

Trusted Expertise

Whether you’re growing strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or more, we can work with you to talk about your crop, your set-up, and your goals to come up with a product or program that works best for you. We’ve been a leading supplier to North American berry growers for over a decade.

We are proud to now offer our A.M.A. Strawberry Growing System, a professional grade strawberry system that’s customizable for small-scale production. Designed for growers that are just getting started in berries; growers looking to extend their season; research and educational institutions; and market growers serving their own communities.

Quality Solutions

Brands & Products

  • Substrates, containers, buckets, troughs
  • BVB, Bato and other brands
  • A.M.A. Strawberry Growing System
  • Sustainable and organic options


  • Increased stability
  • Greater uniformity
  • Improved consistency
  • Higher yield
  • More efficient production
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Shawn Mallen

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Shawn Mallen, Manager, Hydroponics & Manufacturing, has more than 20 years of greenhouse experience, from cut flowers to bedding plants to vegetable propagation and production. Shawn has been helping customers expand their hydroponics and berry businesses since 2007, sourcing the best solutions for their crop and system.

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