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Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada – A.M.A.’s Rick Bradt – Volunteer of Distinction

A.M.A.’s Rick Bradt was honoured with a Volunteer of Distinction Award at the National Brain Tumour Conference in Toronto on October 20th.

Rick began the longest running cause marketing campaign with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada in 2003 and with wife and business partner, Connie’s and A.M.A.’s support, the funds raised to date from the sale of Al’s Flower Pouch in Canada exceed $92,000.  In addition, A.M.A. has helped raise awareness about Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada by printing the BTFC logo and contact info on over 1,000,000 Al’s Flower Pouches sold in Canada since the campaign’s beginning.

Rick has served since 2010 on the National Fundraising Committee of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.

It was Rick’s brain tumour diagnosis in February 2000 that led him to seek out information on his condition and realize that information was, at that time, very hard to find.  Following his second brain surgery, Rick met with Connie and father-in-law, Allen Monsma (A.M.A. owner at that time) to organize a fund raising initiative.  BTFC’s Susan Marshall helped bring it to fruition and the rest is history.  The final brain surgery in 2004 successfully removed the reminder of his Pituitary Macro Adenoma and Rick’s has been fine ever since.

Rick and Connie have met many people affected by a brain tumour since 2000 and have known several who were not nearly as fortunate, suffering from physical and mental impairments and early death, including the passing of their friend and lawyer.  “It’s the nastiness of brain tumours that keeps us going to help patients and their families as well as to help find a cure or at least some relief for patients.”

At the National Brain Tumour Conference, Rick presented a cheque for $3,500 from A.M.A. to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s CEO, Susan Marshall, in celebration of A.M.A.’s and BTFC’s 35th year.

A.M.A., Rick and Connie and A.M.A. staff have supported BTFC in other ways as well, through the Windsor Brain Tumour Walk and other events.  You can help too:  Every dollar matters and means more than you’ll know, to a lot of people.

Thanks to our customers who help make this possible through their purchase of Al’s Flower Pouch.