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How to Install Super Soft Tree Ties

Installing Tyne Moulds Super Soft Tree Ties is fast and efficient. These ties support young trees and protect the bark of the tree in the early stages of growth – important steps to growing a healthy tree. These tree ties work well to securely attach a stake to the tree for anchoring the tree against strong winds. Super Soft Tree Ties are made from soft black plastic rubber with molded grooves to prevent damage to the bark of the tree. The tie itself acts as a cushion between the tree and the support stake, making the use of a separate spacer unnecessary. They are weather resistant, treated with U.V. stabilizers, so they do not stiffen or split with age over their 10-12 year life span. They are also elastic so they stretch as the tree grows, ensuring the tree does not become disfigured. Holes are pre-drilled in the tree tie so that they can be used to nail the tie to the stake and hold it in position.

The Super Soft Tree Ties are lighter to carry, faster to fit than conventional ties, and come in three lengths and widths to suit the needs of nursery growers. We stock them.

If you are a retail tree nursery, help your customers by recommending proper staking and use of Super Soft Tree Ties. Add value to your tree sale.