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Mold in peat? What you need to know

Have you ever spotted mold colonies growing in your peat or other growing media, or in between the substrate and its packaging? Before you hit the panic button, it’s important to know that mold appearing on peat and other growing media is fairly common. These types of mold are part of the Saprophytic fungi family, and can grow on any organic material if the humidity is high.

According to a new article from BVB Substrates, mold is merely a visual issue that will not have negative impacts on plants. In fact, it can even benefit plant growth and resilience. Still, mold can be unsightly, and even a little smelly.

In the article, BVB Substrates shares common types of Saprophytic fungi (seen below), what they look like, and tips about what to do if you find it in your growing media.

Read the full article by BVB Substrates: Mold in Growing Media

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