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New report on findings from propagation tray trial to launch at Landscape Ontario Congress

For the past five years, A.M.A. Horticulture (A.M.A.) has partnered with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) to conduct a field trial comparing four commonly used propagation trays, including the innovative, open-wall RootSmart™ tray. The trial aimed to determine whether root defects occurring in propagation would persist in the field, and whether an open-wall tray design would promote healthier root systems.

Next week on January 10th, A.M.A. and Vineland are launching a new report titled The Impact of Propagation Trays on Tree Establishment to summarize the key findings. They may surprise you! 

Join us at Landscape Ontario Congress on January 10th to get a copy of the report and attend our “Ask the Expert” session. Researchers from the Vineland team will be on hand to share information and answer questions about the field trial. The report will also be available online for those unable to attend the show.

Ask the Expert! Join A.M.A. at Landscape Ontario Congress and learn about new report, The Impact of Propagation Trays on Tree Establishment

WHAT: Ask the Expert: The Impact of Propagation Trays on Tree Establishment

WHEN: 10am on January 10th

WHERE: A.M.A. Booth 2417, Landscape Ontario Congress

RootSmart™ is an open-wall propagation tray that promotes healthy root development and prevents root defects during propagation. With minimal plastic and maximum air flow, liners benefit from optimal root air pruning. RootSmart™ was invented for growers, with grower input, by scientists at Vineland and commercialized by A.M.A.​ Learn more at

Paw paw seedling in RootSmart propagation tray

A.M.A.’s support for this important research project is part of our commitment to always learning, always growing and to greening the landscape. Together, let’s cultivate the future of horticulture and grow healthier trees for generations to come. We look forward to sharing the findings with you!