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A.M.A. introduces the RootSmart™ Propagation System

Solution for root defects helps growers produce healthier trees

Root defects are a well-known and costly problem in the horticulture industry. It starts during propagation and can’t be reversed as a tree matures. Over time, roots circle the trunk, choking and killing the tree. 

Tree mortality is a concern for consumers as well. Recently, the City of Edmonton reported that 3,000 city trees die each year. Consumers want to ensure their trees will survive a full life cycle, and there is increasing focus on examining root structures for signs of girdling in the buying process. 

RootSmart™ is a proven solution for root defects. It is an innovative wall-less, bottomless propagation system that promotes an ideal root structure by preventing circling, diving or ascending roots at the propagation stage – when it really counts. 

Developed in partnership between Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and A.M.A., RootSmart™ enables growers to improve propagation practices and become better stewards of their products.

A.M.A. and Vineland launched RootSmart™ on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 at the Landscape Ontario Congress in Mississauga, ON to a very enthusiastic crowd around our trade show booth.

Quick Facts about RootSmart™

  • Root defects occur when root growth is obstructed, for example by a growing container, forcing roots to circle back around the root ball.
  • Root defects can’t be corrected once it starts – even pruning will not change the growth direction of circling roots.
  • RootSmart is grounded in more than 5 years of research from scientists at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.
  • RootSmart delivers significant benefits for fruit, nut, and ornamental tree growers that result in better products for end consumers:
    • Reduced mortality rate
    • Increased transplant success
    • Improved crop uniformity
    • Shorter crop cycles
    • Reduced culls
    • Reduced labour costs
    • Healthier, more beautiful trees
  • A.M.A. holds the exclusive production and marketing licence to RootSmart, now available for growers across North America