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RootSmart reduces production cycle in grapes, researchers find

New study results show that the RootSmart propagation tray reduces the number of production days for grape vine propagators in Ontario from as long as 80 days down to 50 days. These findings come from a recent field trial conducted by the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Lincoln, Ontario, which compared the RootSmart propagation tray to two other commonly used propagation trays. The study also found that grapes propagated in the RootSmart tray had fewer root defects.

Previous research from led by Dr. Darby McGrath, research scientist at Vineland, and her team has shown the innovative tray’s ability to reduce root defects in trees and promote healthier root systems during propagation to produce healthier trees after years in the field (Read: Propagation trays play a vital role in tree health). These latest results demonstrate that the RootSmart propagation tray can help optimize root systems in other woody perennials and assist with the optimization of labour and production.

This is an important finding as it means less time handling and caring for material by propagators which can be converted into cost savings.

Dr. Darby McGrath, senior research scientist in environmental horticulture, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

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A RootSmart propagation tray in 2017.