Koba Grab & Tag Handle 093900-01

Grab & Tag Handle


x 200 per Case = 200
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Product Information

Koba’s Grab and Tag Handle adds instant retail value to your 10” Earth Pot or 12” Curve Pot by allowing you to match a tag to your program for a polished end product. Handle allows customers to easily pick up the planter. Two fasteners on the lower arch provide the ability to add a tag. Heavy duty clips ensure a durable hold on the planter rim. Soil paddles keep the handle from leaning. Handle acts as a convenient transport aide on retail floors and can hold up to 20lbs. There is approx. 9″ of space for the plant between the soil and the bottom of the tag.

  • Pot handle with tag holder
  • Polished end product
  • Easy for customer to pick up
  • Two tag fasteners
  • Heavy duty clips
  • Handle holds up to 20lbs
  • Tag sold separately
  • Compatible with 10” Earth Pot or 12” Curve Pot

Product Specifications