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Vertical Gardening Al's Flower Pouch



Get creative with a vertical garden

A.M.A.’s Al’s Flower Pouch™ is the original vertical garden in a bag that’s been adding a splash of colour to walls, posts, trees and fences worldwide since 1992. As a niche vertical planter, Al’s Flower Pouch™ inspires growers to think beyond the hanging basket with trends and new varieties, and expand containerized vegetable offerings. Plant with all kinds of annuals, tropicals, succulents, fall mums, herbs and leafy greens, strawberries, tomatoes, decorative chilies and more.

Fill, plant, bloom

Al’s Flower Pouch™ is easy to plant, water and grow. Simply fill with a good mix, then plant one plug into each hole (5 or 10) and one in the top (if desired). Al’s Flower Pouch™ works with automated irrigation and pairs with our Thirst Quencher watering pipe, designed to evenly distribute water from top to bottom. Try our mini 6-hole pouch, or the Al’s Flower Pocket, too!

Small space, big impact

The simple, compact design is also perfect for small spaces and balcony gardens. It hangs flat against walls, posts and fences, taking up limited real-estate while still offering high-impact colour. Add interest your space by using Al’s Flower Pouches to create a simple, selfie-worthy flower or green wall. Even one pouch goes a long way, blooming and cascading all season long.

Benefits for growers

Produced in our own facility, Al’s Flower Pouch™ also helps growers increase their ROI by optimizing unused space. Growers can turn walls, under gutters and gable ends into productive, revenue generating space, without sacrificing other crops. It’s an ideal niche container for special spring, summer and fall programs.

Looking for ways to save time when planting season rolls around? A.M.A. delivers pre-filled Al’s Flower Pouches fresh to your greenhouse, and we sell the Al’s Hopper to help growers fill their own pouches quickly and efficiently. And there’s no need to change your process when it comes to shipping. Al’s Flower Pouch™ is designed to ship the same way as flats and inserts. We can also custom print with company logos to help amplify your brand (minimum required).

Supporting a good cause

Since 2003, A.M.A. has partnered with the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (BTFC) to help Canadians connect with resources and join the fight against brain tumours. In Canada, Al’s Flower Pouches are stamped with contact information for BTFC and a portion of sales goes directly to the foundation. To date, A.M.A. has printed well over one million Al’s Flower Pouches with BTFC information, and donated more than $130,000. Thanks to all who support this good cause. #EndBrainTumours

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