Poppelmann 5.5cm Slitpot 129010-01

5.5cm Slitpot


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Product Information

Pöppelmann’s 5.5cm Slitpot is indispensable for the raising of young plants in hydroponic propagation and aeroponic use. The sides and base are slit to allow root development to take place in all directions and for fast watering and drainage. Netpots and slitpots are used to start seedlings which will then be transplanted to the growing system. Transplant shock is greatly reduced as the young plant and pot are transferred to the growing system as a unit. The plant is not removed from the pot.

  • 5.5cm slitpot
  • Base and sides are slit
  • Good root development
  • Fast watering and drainage
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Ideal for young plants

Product Specifications