VRE Galvanized Shopper Cart

Galvanized Shopper Cart


Product Information

VRE’s Galvanized Shopper Cart is easy to push and offers plenty of space for your customer’s purchases. The cart features open sides to allow your customers easy loading and unloading and two flat, stable surfaces (22″ x 36″) to ensure heavy products don’t tip over. With a weight capacity of 500lbs, this cart moves easily on two swivel and two rigid 8” casters. All steel construction with a hot dipped galvanized finish results in a sturdy cart. Increase your sales with this shopper cart for retail settings including garden centres and nursery sales area.

Why buy your carts through A.M.A.?

  • We can easily ship these with your other products purchased from A.M.A.
  • You save on freight cost when you combine products and ship more things on one order
  • We know these carts very well (we use them here at A.M.A.)
  • We’ve known the team at VRE for decades and we trust them

Product Specifications