Van Schaik Rack Solutions Rack Solutions – V-Feet 173001-00

Rack Solutions – V-Feet

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Product Information

Say goodbye to windy-day worries! Wire rack solutions offer the support your pots need to stay upright, in the proper formation. This ensures the highest yield and maintains top quality plants that can be sold at top dollar. Depending on the pot, racks can be transported with a forklift, reducing labour costs.

The V-Feet Rack is a wire rack with inward facing supports for stable placement. The smooth, flat-bottom supports ensure that ground cloth or geotextiles do not get damaged. The V-Feet Rack is made with specific high-quality galvanized steel. The zinc coating will not release, preventing damage/contamination of the ground, water table and plants. Standard sizes in metric or imperial measurement are available, or ask us about customizing these wire racks to fit your needs.

  • Won’t damage ground fabric
  • Inward facing feet use less space
  • Effective material use means lower cost
  • Effective growth of the crop (air circulation)
  • Preventing damage to the crop due to dehydration from tipping over
  • Saving labour because the crop stays upright
  • Preventing damage caused by the burning of leaf on the ground cloth
  • Planting the crop on the cultivation floor can now be done by anyone
  • Saving labour by planting it faster into the desired pattern
  • Saving time by moving the crop with a forklift
  • A neat and well-kept nursery: the showpiece of your business
  • Sized and spaced to suit your needs
  • Tree nurseries, garden centres