Terrazza MC Weedee PRO® Cleaning Machine 150025-00

Weedee PRO® Cleaning Machine

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Product Information

With its Honda engine, the Terrazza Weedee PRO® is a unique weed removal machine because of the reduced rotation speed of the brushes. Weeds, large parts of the weed root, moss, and discolourations are removed from interlock brick joints, terraces, parking areas, driveways, and other asphalt, concrete or cobblestone areas. Cleaning and weed control with the Weedee PRO® is chemical free and requires no high pressure or heat treatment.

Clean surfaces look better, are safer and easier to keep clean.

This machine includes::

  1. Honda 6 hp engine (GXV160)
  2. Weedee® Brush – 45 cm diameter
  3. Terrazza Wire Tech® Brush – 70 cm diameter
  4. Side guard
  • No chemicals
  • No projection of weeds, mud or sharp objects
  • Avoids spreading seed
  • No damage to the surface, borders or curbs
  • Relatively little dust
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable to work with
  • The Wire TECH® brush handles heavily soiled areas
  • Takes away slipperiness
  • Saves time in the daily cleaning routine
  • Some minor assembly required