Bato Plastics B.V. 14mm Cucumber Clip

14mm Cucumber Clip


Product Information

Lightweight Clip

The unique design of the extremely light 14-millimetre Clip ensures optimal results with minimal material use. Bato’s R&D department took up the challenge of minimizing the weight of this Clip without compromising on Bato quality. The lightweight Clip is mainly used for cucumber growing. We recommend the 14-millimetre Clip, which can also be ordered using biodegradable material, to increase the sustainability of your crop and prevent high waste costs.

Low budget and more environmentally friendly

The clever, lightweight design means that 63% less material is used compared with the similar 15-millimetre Clip. More Clips fit in a box and on a pallet. This is very interesting price-wise and represents significant savings on transport cost.

Easy and efficient to use

This Clip eliminates the need to twist the plants. The Bato Clip optimally guides the plant and closes perfectly around the stem. Plant growth is not hindered in any way, resulting in higher production and better quality. The clip is also easy to use and efficient.

Product Specifications