Van Krimpen 60x40x24cm Collapsible Crate 169651-01

60x40x24cm Collapsible Crate


x 1 per Case = 1
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Product Information

Van Krimpen’s 60x40x24cm Collapsible Crate has a smooth interior, ventilated panels and a reinforced bottom panel making it suitable for heavier loads. The Lift Lock technology enables growers to fold the walls of the crate flat for easy transport and storing.

  • Excellent ventilation properties, both in the bottom and in the side walls
  • Very smooth inside of the crate so no product damage
  • Low folding height and 80% volume reduction (1 folded out equals 5 folded down)
  • Reinforced bottom suitable for automatic processing
  • Active folding system by using a “lift lock” closure
  • Suitable for high loads
  • Prepared for barcoding and RFID
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • 100% recyclable

Product Specifications