HC Companies 12″ WaxTough XL Beehive Hanging Basket 087006-21

12″ WaxTough XL Beehive Hanging Basket


x 12 per Case = 12
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Product Information

HC Companies’ WaxTough hanging baskets are natural, degradable and manufactured using recycled materials. These hanging baskets provide season-long durability in moist and humid growing conditions. A broad assortment of sizes, shapes and styles to choose from to differentiate your products. WaxTough fortified hanging baskets are an aesthetically pleasing, rich, dark, earth tone color. FiberGrow® insulates roots from extreme variations in temperature. An easy to assemble, attractive and cost effective alternative to coco or moss.

  • Natural and degradable
  • Recycled materials
  • Season-long durability
  • Broad assortment of sizes
  • Insulates roots from temperature variations

Product Specifications