Pioneer Pot Pioneer Pot™ Holder

Pioneer Pot™ Holder


Product Information

Pioneer Pots™ were developed to improve root architecture in tree production. These patented two piece pot systems have been field tested by researchers, horticulture schools and of course, growers and have earned their place in improving tree health, sustainable landscapes, productive fruit and nut orchards and even in cannabis production. Pioneer Pots™ are a logical next step from propagation in Ellepots by A.M.A. using RootSmart™ or Air Trays® when moving trees or shrubs into container production.

The Pioneer Pot™ Insert offers root systems plenty of air through the side wall and bottom, meaning the roots prune and don’t develop the root defects caused by solid wall nursery containers. We saw this in testing against blow mold pots, other types of vented nursery pots, white landscape fabric pots, fibre pots, coir pots and cloth pouch pots. Pioneer Pots™ work. They are sturdy and can even be reused.

The Pioneer Pot™ Holder supports the Insert and the tree or shrub in it. The Holder has four jobs: 1. It has feet through which, you can stake the Holder to the ground allowing for permanent placement (like an above ground pot-in-pot system) while preventing trees from blowing over in the wind; 2. It holds the Insert off the ground to allow air pruning under the pot – this is very important for healthy root development; 3. The Holder acts as a wind barrier so that the soil dries out more slowly; 4. It creates an air space around the root zone, lowering the root zone temperature which we know from our membership in the Floriculture Research Alliance, is also a significant benefit in tree and shrub production. Pioneer Pot™ Holders are very durable and reusable for years.

Tree production can take  1 – 7 years depending on the tree type (fruit, nut, deciduous, coniferous) and your saleable size (caliper). Healthy root structure, free of defects, makes for faster turns in propagation and tree production. What if you could take 1 – 2 years off your crop time? Think about that on 10 acres or 100 acres of containerized trees! Taking 1 year off a 5 year production cycle is like adding about 20% – 25% more acreage.  Switch your propagation to Ellepots and your container production to Pioneer Pots™ and you won’t need that acreage right now. You might need to expand your space later, when your customers keep coming back for more because they love your trees.

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