Blackmore Air Tray® Racks 028700-00

Air Tray® Racks

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Product Information

Air Tray® Racks are a perfect match to Ellepots by A.M.A. These patented racks are essentially  moveable benches that help you move your propagation trays around efficiently and easily, centralize your transplanting, sorting and grading. Plants benefit from the increased air movement and reduced risk of pathogen transfer.

Air Tray® Racks are made with high quality steel, with welds that won’t crack or break, and a very high quality galvanizing that will not dissipate nor leach zinc into your ground. They resist rust and will last for years. They also stack, for easy storage or moving around in bulk to another location.

Air Tray® Racks, while made to a high standard with standard sizes, are made for you. They can be made to suit any Air Tray®. They can be built low to the ground or up to 18” high.

The Benefits?

  • Healthier crop due to the unrestricted growth of the plant
  • Reduced risk of disease or fungal disorders
  • Faster growth because the roots do not lose energy under the trays
  • Air pruning of roots in the Air Tray® and under it
  • Customization is available
  • Use on geo textile, cement or gravel surfaces
  • Simple and quick to use and perfectly stackable
  • Move your crop quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce labour cost

You can start small and scale up as needed. We’ll need to ask some questions so we can make sure you get the right rack layout for your Air Trays®.