EGO Power+ Batteries & Chargers EGO POWER+ 56-Volt 12.0Ah ARC Lithium™ Battery

EGO POWER+ 56-Volt 12.0Ah ARC Lithium™ Battery


Product Information

The EGO POWER+ 56-Volt 12.0Ah battery uses industry-leading ARC Lithium™ technology to deliver Power Beyond Belief™ and is compatible with all EGO outdoor power equipment, including our Terrazza Geotex PRO® EGO; Weedee PRO® EGO and OMNI PRO® EGO Cleaning Machines.

Its patented ARC Lithium™ design keeps the battery from overheating by pushing heat away so your equipment runs longer at full power. Its durable, shock-resistant design protects batteries from drops and the elements. Intelligent power management monitors and optimizes each individual battery cell to maximize power, performance, and runtime. Each 12.0Ah battery features a fuel gauge with built-in indicator lights that show how much runtime is remaining in 20 percent increments. Each 12.0Ah battery fully charges in 75 minutes with the EGO POWER+ Turbo Charger (CH7000) or two 12.0Ah batteries will fully charge in 180 minutes with the EGO Power+ Dual Port Charger (CH2800D).

Product Specifications