Fafard Agro Mix OS Organic Germinating Mix

Agro Mix OS Organic Germinating Mix


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Product Information

Fafard’s Agro Mix OS Organic Germinating Mix is a soil specially designed for the organic production of seedlings in multicellular trays. It provides regular drainage and gas diffusion. All components were selected according to their particle size to facilitate filling of the trays. Agro Mix OS contains coconut husk fibre which increases mineral retention while improving both the physical structure (porosity and stability over time) and the moistening of the soil mix. Like magnets, positively charged minerals hang on to the fibre of coconut husk that will increase soil fertility. Coconut husk fiber is most effective for a long term moistening in addition to being an excellent source of potassium. Agro Mix OS also contains compost which adds organic matter and nutrients. The compost itself contains nutrients but it also has a buffering capacity which allows it to absorb nutrients from another source (ex: fertilizer), to store it and release it gradually thereafter. This product cannot be shipped via courier.

Product Specifications