BVB Substrates Compressed Coco Block 021399-00

Compressed Coco Block


x 1 per Case = 1

Product Information

BVB Substrates’ Compressed Coco Block is made from coconut husk. The husk which grows around the hard coconut core contains both fibres and fine materials. For airy, fine substrates we use coir (cocopeat / coir pith), this is the fine material that is left after the fibre of the husk has been removed. Coir has a high AFP (air filled porosity) and absorbs water easily. It is a stable material, for good root development of the crop and a quick start of the cultivation. Some crops are very sensitive to salt concentration in the rhizosphere. For vegetable crops amongst others, most growers prefer to have a washed material to avoid surprises with high EC’s. Our coir is flushed to an EC level below 1,0 mS/cm or if requested, under 0,5 mS/cm.

  • High air-filled porosity
  • Very water absorbent
  • Encourages good root development
  • Speeds up cultivation
  • Flushed to an EC level below 1,0 mS/cm

Product Specifications