Blackmore 105 Octagon Vented 25mm Ellepot Tray 028008-01

105 Octagon Vented 25mm Ellepot Tray


x 90 per Case = 90

Product Information

Blackmore’s 105 Octagon Vented 25mm Ellepot Tray is made for 25mm Ellepots. We can also put a 23mm Ellepot into it. Cells with a depth of 1.375″ and a volume of 21 cc are laid out in a 7 x 15 configuration. Perfect for annuals, vegetables, mums, and herbs. This tray also features vents between cells for improved air circulation and reduced disease risk. The bump on the cell bottom improves air circulation in the root zone and makes it ideal for ebb and flood systems. We’ve put over 300,000,000 Ellepots into these trays, so far.

  • Made for 23mm and 25mm Ellepots
  • 1.375″ deep cells with 21 cc volume
  • 7 x 15 cell configuration
  • Perfect for annuals, mums, vegetables, and herbs
  • Features vents between cells for air circulation
  • Available in bulk – contact A.M.A. to learn more

Product Specifications