Cultilene 240 Stonewool Plug Tray – French 047031-00

240 Stonewool Plug Tray – French


x 17 per Case = 17

Product Information

Cultilene’s 240-cell Stonewool Plug Tray offers even spacing in the industry’s standard format (this layout is called the “French” tray). Laid out in a 15 x 16 configuration, this styrofoam tray is specially made for Cultilene stonewool plugs and is of top quality. Plugs are 22 mm diameter X 27 mm long and made for blocks with 28/35 holes. Plugs are dibbled for better seed centering and to allow for top covering with vermiculite or other material.

  • Perfect for hydroponic tomatoes and  peppers
  • Evenly spaced plugs
  • Plugs are 22mm X 27mm
  • Solid styrofoam tray
  • Cultilene quality
  • Available in bulk – contact A.M.A.

Product Specifications