PropTek 72 Injection Molded Tray 133001-01

72 Injection Molded Tray


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Product Information

Proptek’s 72 Injection Molded Tray is a nesting tray designed to hold 72 stabilized media plugs such as Ellepots up to 35mm. Cells have central base holes for easy ejection of plugs. It ensures air pruning of the roots, resulting in a healthier and stronger plant. It features open sides which improves aeration and drainage producing an ideal microclimate for rooting. The built-in benching system with feet on cell base allow this single tray to be nested for storage and transport and stacked when loaded with Ellepots. This tray is great for trees, shrubs, ornamentals, fruit, nut, and forestry. As this is not a stock item, allows some time and note that a minimum order is required.

  • 72-cell nesting tray
  • Easy plug ejection
  • Open sides for air pruning and drainage
  • Easy nesting and stacking
  • Not stock item, minimum order required
  • Ideal for trees, shrubs, ornamentals, fruit, nut, forestry

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