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About A.M.A.

A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. is a wholesale horticulture supplier to commercial growers. Since 1982, it’s been our privilege to serve the horticulture industry and partner with so many innovative, interesting and kind people who work hard to grow beautiful plant products.

We start with you.

No two growers are alike. Everything from what, to how, to why you grow is unique to you and your operation.

That’s why A.M.A.’s slogan is “Solutions for your success”. We know success for you won’t look the same as success for the grower down the road. Likewise, solutions that work for that farm might not work for yours.

We don’t start with the products, we start with your goals and challenges, and then work with you to find the right solution. We ask questions like, “What are you growing? What’s your current set-up? What do you want to achieve?” Then we tap into our team’s expertise and our global network of partners to source the solution you need to succeed.

We’re so committed to this collaborative approach that sometimes when the solution doesn’t exist, we’ll make it ourselves. When our customers wanted a propagation tray that would help them prevent root defects, we worked with Vineland Research & Innovation Centre to develop the RootSmartTM propagation tray. When they wanted a growing container that would enable them to grow organic produce in the greenhouse, we invented the A.M.A. 60 growing container.

When you work with A.M.A., you can count on us to be resourceful, honest, and genuinely have your best interests in mind with the solutions that we deliver. Why? Because it all starts with what’s best for you.

— Connie & Rick Bradt, Managing Directors, A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.

Our Story

At A.M.A., we are always learning and always growing so that we’re equipped to help you find the right solutions for your success. In this video, team members and customers of A.M.A. talk about about our values, culture, approach to business and vision for the future of horticulture in this video. And see our Innovation Timeline to learn more!

Our Mission

To help our customers grow and evolve by providing expert advice and delivering innovative, custom solutions.

Our Vision

To cultivate the future of horticulture.

We believe in…

Being a true partner to our customers. We see ourselves as part of your team. We speak your language, understand your challenges, give expert advice and work hard to deliver solutions that help you achieve your unique goals and improve your bottom line.

Standing behind great products and collaborating with great people. We work with suppliers and other partners that align with our values and sell high quality, innovative products at a reasonable price.

Delivering solutions, not just great products. Our team has lived on the other side of the fence. Their knowledge, combined with our global network of partners, enables us to select innovative solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. If a solution doesn’t exist, we aren’t afraid to build it from scratch.

Cultivating the future of horticulture. We are always learning, always growing. Always on the look out for emerging trends, proven innovations and opportunities. Connecting with partners, researchers, and suppliers here at home and abroad to understand new evidence and what’s coming next. Why? Always learning and growing is how we help you improve efficiency, profitability, and sustainability over the long term and remain on the cutting edge.

Our commitment to sustainability


If we want to cultivate the future of horticulture, we need to take sustainability seriously. In addition to providing our customers with sustainable solutions, we are also taking action to improve sustainability at A.M.A. and within the industry.

  • We’re committed to recycling. We support our customers through our plastics recycling program. We pick up used trays and have them recycled for you with no hassle. Learn more about our recycling program and ask you’re A.M.A. rep about getting involved.
  • We’re conscious about plastic consumption. One of our largest suppliers uses 80% post-industrial recycled/reprocessed polystyrene plastic to make trays. Most of our plastic product suppliers use recycled material. And we offer an increasing collection of degradable, compostable and fibre products.
  • We’re helping you become more sustainable. We offer a large range of sustainable products including: degradable twine, clips and other hydroponic supplies; all natural and organic soil and growing media alternatives; Ellepots by A.M.A. are soil plugs wrapped in degradable paper which eliminate the need for plastic pots and they can be manufactured with organic certified soil; containers made from recycled and renewable resources; and more! Discover our sustainable solutions.
  • We’re greening our facilities. We are constantly improving the environmental performance of our buildings and operations through initiatives such as installing energy efficient lighting, procuring sustainable office products like Ocean Wise paper, optimizing our heating and cooling systems to minimize energy consumption, and installing an Urbanscape Green Roof System, just to name a few!
  • We play our part in conservation. A.M.A. has worked with staff at Point Pelee National Park and students from local high school horticulture programs to re-establish the park’s natural savannah. The savannah covers 2% of the park, yet shelters one quarter of its species at risk including the Five-lined Skink, the Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus, and the Common Hoptree. We’ve also worked with Niagara College horticultural students who are helping to increase the oak tree population in Ontario’s Niagara region Chautauqua community. And we’ve planted our own native plant garden.