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Our vision is to cultivate the future of horticulture. That’s one reason why we’re committed to collaborating with great people. Partnerships ensure our team continues learning, growing and giving back to our community. In addition to supporting our local communities of Kingsville and Leamington, we are proud to partner with and serve as members or supporters of these organizations.

Growing better trees with Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

In 2013, A.M.A. partnered with Vineland Research & Innovation Centre (Vineland) to develop the innovative RootSmartTM propagation tray. Together, A.M.A. and Vineland launched the tray at the Landscape Ontario Congress in 2018. Since then, field trials have shown that, compared to other trays, the RootSmartTM tray does a better job preventing root defects and promoting healthier root growth and tree establishment. Now, A.M.A. has partnered up with Vineland as a member of the Greening the Landscape Research Consortium. We’re on a mission to help growers grow healthier trees, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue learning best practices.

Supporting Canadian families with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

After receiving his brain tumour diagnosis in 2000, A.M.A.’s managing directors, Rick and Connie Bradt, turned to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (BTFC) as their trusted information source. Today, thankfully, Rick is living brain tumour-free. As a way of giving back, Rick and Connie harnessed Al’s Flower Pouch to spread awareness of BTFC’s resources and support for Canadian families struggling with this devastating diagnosis. Most Al’s Flower Pouches sold in Canada are stamped with the BTFC logo and contact information, and every Canadian sale of Al’s Flower Pouch supports the work of BTFC. To date, A.M.A. has printed more than one million Al’s Flower Pouches with the BTFC logo and information, and donated more than $100,000 to BTFC. Learn more about this partnership, and get your original Al’s Flower Pouch today. Learn more about and support BTFC.

Always Learning, Always Growing

We believe that the best way to drive the horticulture industry forward is to support and learn from the many voices involved, from flower growers to landscape architects. We are proud to be a member or supporter of the following organizations.