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5 Planters That Make Living Coral Flowers Pop

Animating and life-affirming. Sociable and lighthearted. These are the qualities that Pantone has ascribed to its colour of the year, Living Coral (PANTONE 16-1546). Pantone’s colour selection process responds to trends and themes of the current year. In this case, 2019’s vibrant colour evokes our desire to engage with one another on social media, and with the beauty of our natural surroundings.

Living Coral is a perfect colour for flower-lovers and garden centres. Tulips, petunias, roses, geraniums – it seems that every bloom is available in this peachy colour. But what about planters and pots that fit the trend?

“Home gardeners are looking for options that reflect what they’re seeing on Instagram and in gardening magazines,” says Janan Alles, A.M.A.’s growing container expert. “My goal is to help our garden centre customers deliver the right trends to keep their customers coming back year after year. We work with suppliers all over the world to keep our thumb on the pulse of garden and growing container trends.”

We’ve picked our favourite planters, pots and growing containers that help make Living Coral-coloured plants pop.

Pairing Planters, Pots and Growing Containers with Living Coral Flowers

1. Sara window box in ocean blue by EPLA

This is a window box that thinks outside the box. With a glossy finish and bold colours designed to pair with the latest flower trends, the Sara window box (16”/40cm) by EPLA is for gardeners looking to stay ahead of the curve. Ocean blue is the ideal match for this year’s Living Coral blooms. We currently have ocean blue in stock, and can bring in more than 100 colours. Just tell us what you’re looking for!

2. Viva pot in white by DCN

Simple white is a sophisticated backdrop for Living Coral. The clean, cylindrical design and mat finish of the Viva pot by DCN makes it a great addition to the modern garden – no matter what size you need (7”, 9” 11”, 13”, 17”, 21”). It comes with a built-in water reservoir and overflow protection. Monthly deliveries. One-case minimum (6 per case).

3. Melissa pot in lime green by EPLA

The mirror finish of the Melissa pot makes bright colours pop even more and ensures the pot stays nice and clean. This EPLA pot comes in dozens of colours and sizes. Our favourites are lime green (6-8 week lead time) and anthracite (10”/26cm; currently in stock).

4. Borneo balcony pot in blue by Bato

The deep blue of this Bato pot is in keeping with the underwater mood of this year’s colour trend. Designed to rest on balcony or garden gate railings, the contemporary Borneo pot (11”/27cm) brings beauty to every garden, from condos to backyards. High quality, durable plastic is built to handle professional horticulture. Currently in stock.

5. Miranda bowl in anthracite by EPLA

Want to make Living Coral your focal point? Consider planting in a neutral slate tone, like the Miranda bowl in anthracite by EPLA. Perfect for shallow-rooted plants like pansies, succulents and herbs, this two-textured container comes in a range of sizes. We currently have the 12”/30cm and 13”/33cm bowls in stock.  

Other Palettes for Living Coral Potted Plants

Our top planter picks are based on the Pantone Living Coral colour palette guide. Take a look and discover other colour harmonies that will help make your Living Coral potted plants look their best.

A.M.A. carries a wide varied of pots and containers in all shapes, sizes and colours. See more of our selection here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call our expert Janan Alles for a solution that meets your needs.