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A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. is a dynamic, solutions-focused supplier serving the horticulture industry since 1982. Our team of experts understands emerging trends, opportunities and pain points. We work alongside our customers to deliver innovative, custom solutions for your success.

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Discover how one little company in Kingsville, Ontario became a leading horticulture supplier in North America, and the mission and values that propel us forward.

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A.M.A.’s experienced team has lived on the other side of the fence, working in greenhouses, nurseries, garden centres and research environments.

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We don’t just collaborate with our customers, we collaborate with like-minded organizations, too. It’s one way that we learn, grow and give back to our community.

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It’s not just something we say, it’s something we live out every day. Read through case studies, customer testimonials and our innovation timeline.

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Bato Stem Holder From A.M.A. Horticulture

Bato’s Stem Holder was developed to prevent fungus and to obtain stronger and healthier crops. The stem holder is designed for grafted, double tomato crops and prevents splitting of the stem. When the crops are lowered too much, rotation tension on the plants can result in damage and splitting at the rootstock. That split is......

How to Maximize Space with Al’s Flower Pouch

Improve ROI by optimizing unused space in the greenhouse with Al’s Flower Pouch. Turn walls, under gutters and gable ends into productive, revenue generating space, without sacrificing other crops....