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A Hanging Basket Built for Cities – Saving Water for the City of Edmonton

Hanging baskets make cities beautiful, but they often require a lot of water. And that doesn’t come cheap. It costs taxpayers, and the environment. The City of Edmonton turned to A.M.A. for an innovative solution that’s helping them save on water, labour and fertilizer costs.

Dorothy Jedrasik is the Crew Leader at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, where all of the city’s hanging baskets are made. When she first started in her role, she identified an opportunity to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

“We were using moss liners with a silver bowl pan wired to the underside to hold excess water. They were expensive and labour intensive to plant. And they had to be watered every day by our water trucks,” said Jedrasik. “I knew we could do better, so I called A.M.A.”

Edmonton switched to the H2O Labour-Saver hanging basket. The 23″ basket has a removable liner, a reservoir drainage plug and a heavy-duty plastic hanger that’s built to last. Its 2.6 gallon reservoir means that municipalities, hospitals, universities or corporations can spend less time watering, reducing their water, labour and fertilizer costs. In Edmonton, the impact was significant.

“We went from watering every single day to watering every 2-3 days in sunny, windy locations and every 4-5 days in shaded, protected locations,” said Jedrasik. “Another advantage of these baskets is that they’re lightweight and easy to transport around the city. When drivers come to the greenhouse to pick up the baskets, they drain the water from the reservoir so they’re easy to lift. Once at the final location, our water trucks come and refill the reservoirs back up.”

Edmonton has been using the H2O Labour-Saver hanging baskets for five years, and other municipalities have taken note of their success.

“We get calls from outside Edmonton asking about them. They have outperformed every other hanging basket we’ve tried.”

A.M.A is proud to supply this sustainable solution to the City of Edmonton. To learn more about how the H2O Labour-Saver can help you save water, contact Anne-Marie Klaas.Discover how we can deliver innovative, custom solutions for your success today.

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Dorothy Jedrasik, Crew Leader at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, with the H2O Labour-Saver hanging baskets.