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Solution Spotlight: Bali Hanging Pot

Have you seen our adorable Bali Hanging Pots? These belly-shaped containers from Bato are perfect for bedding plants – with the hanger, or without. And you can put your water worries to rest. The pot’s cross bottom design promotes optimal drainage, with no saucers needed. It also features a built-in internal water reservoir!

Bali Hanging Pot 17cm

“One thing growers really like about this injection-molded hanging pot is it’s matte finish,” says Alex Frew, A.M.A. customer service and sales associate. “The texture keeps soil from sticking to the outside of the pot, so it looks clean and fresh for customers.”

If you’re in need of sleek hanging baskets for the season ahead, look no further. We’re fully stocked on our 17cm / 6″ Bali Hanging Pots in Anthracite.

  • Case Quantity: 738
  • Bulk Pallet: 7,200
  • Hangers not included