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Getting into Hydroponics

Are you thinking of getting into hydroponics? Have you ever thought about leafy greens? It’s easy to get started with the Dry Hydroponics system, perfect for short-cycle crops like leafy greens, herbs and flowers.

Earlier this year, Nadine Stielow, owner of Thiel’s Greenhouses in Bruderheim, Alberta, took the plunge into hydroponics by building leafy green cultivation ponds in a reclaimed greenhouse. Watch her story.

Growing Clean Leafy Greens 

“Growing up farming with my parents and grandparents I knew I wanted to grow a food crop but initially was unsure on specifics,” Nadine told Hortidaily. After meeting with a consultant, Nadine began learning about hydroponics and considering the appropriate crop for her greenhouse space.

“Then I researched several styles of greens production systems to eventually source the ‘perfect for our needs’ equipment through one of my existing hort suppliers, A.M.A. Horticulture,” continued Nadine in her interview with Hortidaily.

“I’ve been a customer of A.M.A. Horticulture for almost ten years and know them to be most helpful, knowledgeable and always on the leading edge. For this expansion, they were beyond patient and helpful as I researched and worked through the planning process to get from concept to construction. I had to know it was the right move for my business and A.M.A. offered advice with every step. A quality company with caring insightful ownership and management.”

Nadine Stielow, Thiel’s Greenhouses

Click the link to read Nadine’s full interview with Hortidaily about the Dry Hydroponics installation at Thiel’s Greenhouses. 

HORTIDAILY: Ornamental plant grower opens hydroponic lettuce greenhouse

A big thank you to Nadine and the Thiel’s team for sharing this story. A.M.A. is proud to be part of the “Dream Team”, along with our partners at Dry Hydroponics, to make Nadine’s hydroponics vision a reality.

A.M.A. is a leader in delivering hydroponics solutions for success. No matter the size of your greenhouse, we can find a solution that will help you achieve your goals.

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