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A.M.A. Joins Research Consortium to Green the Landscape

A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. (A.M.A.) is proud to announce its membership in the recently formed Greening the Landscape Research Consortium, an initiative of Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland), which brings together diverse stakeholders from across the value chain to develop evidence-based solutions for challenges in urban forestry.

“Healthy trees are vital for healthy urban environments and it all starts with our industry,” says Rick Bradt, who serves as A.M.A.’s managing director together with his wife, Connie Bradt. “As part of the Consortium, A.M.A. is committed to collaborating, learning and sharing knowledge to help raise public awareness about the importance of sustainable green spaces and help growers produce quality products that will thrive in urban settings.”

Greening the Landscape Research Consortium Member A.M.A.

“Healthy trees are vital for healthy urban environments and it all starts with our industry”

– Rick Bradt

The Consortium brings together municipalities, conservation authorities, nursery growers, professional associations, landscapers, suppliers and others to build the collective capacity of the Canadian urban tree value chain by developing and mobilizing scientific knowledge and enhancing collaboration. Together, consortium participants set research priorities that reflect industry needs and access training and skills development, innovative data, network connections and emerging knowledge. They will also take part in an urban forestry pilot project.

“The goal is simple. We want to bring together all voices from across the value chain to drive change in the areas where it’s most needed so that collectively we can make our landscape greener and more sustainable,” says Dr. Darby McGrath, who leads the Plant Responses and the Environment program at Vineland.

Earlier this month, the Consortium hosted its first membership-wide workshop where participants established key themes, reviewed priorities and discussed pathways forward. “The passion and knowledge within the group is truly motivating and we’re excited to see what we can accomplish moving forward,” adds Darby.

A.M.A. has partnered with Vineland to promote tree health since 2013, when they began research and development for the RootSmartTM propagation tray. Field trials conducted by the Vineland team have shown that the innovative open-walled propagation tray promotes healthier root growth and improved tree establishment with more contact-points in the soil, compared to standard trays.

“The knowledge is there. We’ve seen that through our work with RootSmartTM. And as we celebrate Earth Day today, we know that the appetite for a healthier environment is there, too,” says Rick. “Now it’s about getting together as an industry, putting that knowledge to work and improving the conditions for urban forestry in Canada.”

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