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Growing Horticulture: Greenhouse Canada talks with A.M.A.

Greenhouse Canada’s “Growing Horticulture” roundtable series talks with growers, educators and sector partners about the challenges and opportunities faced by Canadian horticulture when it comes to hiring and retaining new employees.

A.M.A. was proud to sponsor this series as part of our vision to cultivate the future of horticulture.

In this video, we’re in conversation with Greenhouse Canada, sharing what we do to hire and engage new employees, what skills and traits are important to us, and our thoughts on reaching beyond horticulture to attract new talent. Featuring co-owner, Connie Bradt, as well as marketing and communications manager, Elise Johnson

Read “The Next Generation of Horticulture Talent”

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See the complete roundtable discussion videos by checking out our “Things A.M.A. Loves” playlist on YouTube, or visit Greenhouse Canada’s YouTube channel or website.