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Helping Strawberry Growers Succeed

At A.M.A., we are always learning what’s new and what’s next in soft fruit cultivation. We’re committed to helping our customers stay ahead of the curve by delivering berry growing solutions that are best suited to a grower’s unique set-up. 

Why are we always looking one step ahead? Because better berry growing drives higher yields and higher profits for our customers. 

Learning the latest berry innovations from the Netherlands

A.M.A. Hydroponics and Bato growing berries

Our team regularly travels across Europe and North America to keep its thumb on the pulse of strawberry and other soft fruit innovation.  

Most recently, our hydroponics and berry expert, Shawn Mallen, joined more than 750 guests from over 40 countries at the 9th International Soft Fruit Conference in Den Bosch, Netherlands. 

“Europe, and the Netherlands in particular, is leading the berry industry with new techniques, substrates and systems that drive efficiency, yield and quality,” says Shawn. “Working closely with our partners in the Netherlands, we’re able to learn what’s coming down the pipe and how it can be adopted by North American strawberry growers to improve their soft fruit production.” 

While at the conference, Shawn had a chance to connect with and learn from A.M.A. partners, including Oerlemans, BVB, van Krimpen, Beekenkamp and Lankhorst. He also received a behind-the-scenes tour of the facilities at Bato, van den Wijngaart and Dry Hydroponics. 

“There’s no substitute for meeting face to face with our partners and having the opportunity to share information, learn and ask questions, and gain expertise,” says Shawn. “These relationships enable A.M.A. to deliver solutions that help our customers succeed and achieve their unique goals.” 

The A.M.A. team also recently joined the North American Strawberry Growers Association (NASGA) on a three-day European Berry Tour across Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Earlier this month, A.M.A. shared its insights from the tour with The Grower magazine. 

Supporting strawberry growers as a NASGA and Ontario Berries Sponsor  

A.M.A. is a proud sponsor of the upcoming NASGA annual meeting and symposium in Florida, and the Ontario Berries symposium at the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention (OFVC) in Niagara Falls. In addition to supporting education sessions at both shows, our Shawn Mallen will be there in person to share expertise and information about A.M.A.’s berry growing solutions and other horticultural solutions. 

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