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Helping You Grow with Ellepots by A.M.A.

Ellepots by A.M.A. can reduce grower cost, relieve labor issues and improve profitability. Plant propagation is so important for any grower. Adding 5% or 10% TerraVesco TerraThrive Vermicompost to the Ellepot Mix can improve plant health and vigor. The small premium can easily be recouped. For landscape contractors, Ellepots can greatly reduce mass transplant installation time and improve plant quality. And for tree growers, you really need to see this and our RootSmart™ videos. A.M.A. Horticulture has produced and shipped well over 1,000,000,000 Ellepots by A.M.A. and distributor brands for growers in Canada and the USA, and even the Caribbean and Central America, since 1999 for virtually any crop you can think of from seed, cuttings and tissue culture.