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IPPS – Western Region Annual Conference

We’re looking forward to the 2020 IPPS-Western Region Annual Meeting, coming up in June. The International Plant Propagators Society (IPPS) Western Region unites individuals involved in commercial plant propagation, teaching, research, extension, and allied fields related to plant production. Members gather, present and/or distribute information for the advancement of the art and science of plant propagation. As a group, we proudly live out the motto “To Seek and To Share”.

When: June 23 – 27, 2020
Where: Bellingham, Washington

This year, the meeting will be preceded by the IPPS International Tour, traveling from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Bellingham, Washington,  June 13-22. 

Through its programs, IPPS-Western Region encourages the education and participation of students, the blending of academic and commercial interests, the professional development of both new and experienced growers, and the active networking of members.

We have always been highly engaged with the propagator community, first with our wide assortment of plug trays and substrates, then when we became the first to commercially produce Ellepots for growers in North America (now one billion sold!), and most recently through our commitment to growing healthier trees through the creation of the RootSmart propgagation system. The IPPS meetings inspire us each year to collaborate with others and keep pioneering in propagation.

Learn more and register for IPPS-Western Region Annual Conference here.