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Landscape Ontario Congress 2019 – Canada’s Green Industry Show & Conference

A.M.A. will be back at the Landscape Ontario Congress. We had a fantastic show last year, launching our RootSmart™ Tree Propagation Tray. This year, we’ll have the trees roots to show you.  RootSmart™ is proving itself in the field. We can’t wait to show you.

We’ll also be featuring:
Nursery Containers;
Ellepots by A.M.A.;
Urbanscape Greenroof System;
Tree & Plant Supports;
& More

Congress is THE annual trade show and conference for Canada’s horticultural and landscape professionals. Rated as one of North America’s top rated show for the green industry it features:

  • 600+ multinational vendors
  • 1,300+ exhibit booths covering 8 acres
  • 13,000+ attending green professionals
  • 60+ professional development sessions
  • 49+ acclaimed speakers
  • 2 great parties

You’ll find all the innovative expertise, ideas, products, peers and professional development that will make your profits soar. Much more than a market place, Congress hosts a rich conference program that imparts a wealth of knowledge to enhance your business acumen.

And don’t forget the special events throughout, like the Awards of Excellence Ceremony or the Tailgate Party. Everything, from the vendors on the trade show floor to the entertainment at Tailgate is designed to connect you to the products and people in an environment geared to your personal and professional success.