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A.M.A. Partners with Farm Credit Canada

A.M.A. and Farm Credit Canada have partnered to offer A.M.A. customers a great way to fund crop input purchases and farm cash flow.

No fees
Low interest rate
No requirement to be an FCC banking customer
Easy to apply

For years, FCC has funded field crop producers through their Crop Input Program. Now, this program is available to greenhouse growers.

A.M.A. refers you to FCC, they take it from there with a simple phone questionnaire. Once approved, your terms with A.M.A. are net 30 days. If you choose not to pay within 30 days, A.M.A. moves you into the FCC financing program where you then have till March of the next year (that’s up to 18 months) to pay off the account in full, and the interest rate is about 1/2 what A.M.A. would charge.  You pay the interest charge monthly plus the amount of principal you choose to pay. Just pay it all off in full by March the next year.


Buy $25,000 in crop input products from A.M.A. on October 1st 2018. If unpaid on October 31st, A.M.A. moves your account into the FCC program.

You are charged interest from that point and pay the interest cost each month on the outstanding balance.  You can begin paying down principle right away or hold off.

Pay the entire balance off by March 31st of 2021.  Yes, that’s correct.

The program renews annually without hassle as long as you are paying within the program terms.

Oh, the credit limit is determined you. We’ll look at your purchasing requirements and suggest the limit to FCC.  They’ll discuss it with you and set the limit.  It’s there if you need it, but you don’t have to use it and you don’t pay for it unless you do.

A.M.A., by the way, makes nothing on this program. Our interest is simply in receiving payment on the goods you buy, within 30 days.

Kim Rutgers

Kim Rutgers is A.M.A.’s expert on this program. Give her a call or send her an email. She can explain it and get you going on it if you’re interested.