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Ontario Hazelnut Symposium

Are you coming to the 11th annual Ontario Hazelnut Symposium, hosted by the Ontario Hazelnut Association? This one-day event celebrates, educates and shares information surrounding the growing hazelnut industry in Ontario. We are proud to be a sponsor.

When: March 11, 2020
Where: Lamplighter Inn, London, Ontario

About the hazelnut symposium

The Annual Ontario Hazelnut Symposium is an informational and networking event open to industry leaders, hazelnut growers, academics and the public. We like it because it allows us to learn about the latest educational resources and research, and meet with growers to understand their needs.

We support hazelnut growers with innovative solutions that improve tree growth and health, as well as profitability. Hazelnut growers are using Ellepots by A.M.A. and the RootSmart propagation system to promote healthy root systems and better take rates that benefit trees over the long term. Contact Craig Willet, our resident tree and hazelnut expert, to learn more about how these solutions can benefit you.

Tips for hazelnut growers

Are you a hazelnut grower – or aspiring to be one? We wrote about tips for propagating and pruning hazelnut trees, including insights from Les High, the vice chairman of the Ontario Hazelnut Association.

Read “Got Hazelnuts: Tips for Propagating and Pruning”

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