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Perennial Plant Symposium 2022

When: August 1 – 5, 2022
Where: Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, 25 S Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

About Ellepots by A.M.A.

A.M.A. is excited to present Craig Willett. Craig is the manager of Ellepots by A.M.A. and Pre-Fill. He will be discussing ‘Growing Perennials with Ellepots by A.M.A.’ Ellepots by A.M.A. are paper pots that help propagators and growers reduce plastics use and labour while improving production and quality of plant products.

Learn more about A.M.A.’s Ellepot sizing, packaging, and growing recommendations.

Solutions For Your Success

Not sure if Ellepots by A.M.A. are right for you? We specialize in creating custom Ellepot orders based on your needs.

We also ensure that our Ellepots can help your business grow. This is accomplished by offering lower cost of production, leading to improved profitability.

Contact Craig Willett to hear more about how Ellepots by A.M.A. can be a valuable solution for you.

Additional Event Details

To register for this event, head to the PPA website. Online registration will be open until July 22, 2022, so don’t forget to register. We hope to see you there!